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¡Bienvenidos a nuestros Talleres 2023!
Asegúrese de volver a consultar, ya que todavía estamos agregando talleres.

Todas las clases son informales, por lo que los invitados pueden unirse espontáneamente., mientras duren los suministros y haya suficiente espacio.  Para asegurarse de que haya suministros y espacio disponibles para usted, reserve sus clases con anticipación.

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Marco Antonio Pacheco Ochoa graduated from the Indigenous Intercultural University of Michoacan with a degree in Art & Cultural Heritage and Artisan Design. Pacheco’s first approaches to the practice of traditional games were in 2016, and in 2018, he began working with Victor Ignacio Ayala to rescue this ancient game, offering free workshops in the Vasco de Quiroga Plaza Grande in Patzcuaro. The project was to highlight and protecet the tangible and intangible heritage of the P’urepecha. With Fernando Molina in charge of the historical archive of Patzcuaro, the Tariacuri Chanakua Collective was formed in 2019, and has maintained 3 game tournaments per year since, with the first in Patzcuaro, second in Tzurumutaro, ultimately concluding with the 3rd in Patzcuaro.

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Actualmente estamos finalizando más talleres, ¡y actualizaremos esto pronto!

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