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Manifest Miracles

Milagros are a quintessential feature for every home in Patzcuaro, and given the hardship so many have suffered during the Pandemic, we thought nothing could be more perfect than a class so guests may choose their own milagros.

Brothers Antonio and Ivan Mejia will have select designs for you to choose from, including hearts with wings, a cross, picture frame and a sculpture of Frida featuring a rebozo for her milagros.  You choose your own miracles, and hammer them into place.  Please indicate which piece you would like to make, when you email us.  Prices vary.


When:  July 2, 2022 at 10 AM, 12 PM & 3 PM

Where:  The Garden

Class Size:  6 Students

Cost:  $400 - $800 MXN

Antonio & Ivan Mejia

Brothers Antonio & Ivan Mejia grew up in the small village of Santa Ana Chapitiro.  Antonio's first passion was for carving wood sculptures, which is a skill he continues to utilize for creating larger scale pieces.  About twenty years ago, the family began creating Milagros, and applying these meaningful little charms onto various pieces, including saints, crosses, hearts and larger sculptures and masks.   

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