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Jesus Alexandre

Tableau Vivant from Spain - Jesus Alexandre, 2017

A Riot of Elders

A Tableau Vivant is a staged image with live actors, costumes and props, and were used historically by Monarchs and wealthy landowners to signify grand ideas, gestures and important events.


When cameras were invented, artists had the ability to take photographs of their live dioramas, and these became especially popular during our recent pandemic, as art lovers sought to recreate famous paintings, and photograph them.


Uruapan conceptual artist Jesus Alexandre has been working in this medium for over twenty years, creating beautiful collections that feature indigenous communities, their handicrafts, Dia de Muertos, and the Butterfly Fishermen.  He joins us today to create something a little more on the comical side - called A Riot of Elders.  

Please stay tuned for more information on  Alexandres vision for this hysterical Tableau Vivant!

Jesus Alexandre

More information coming soon....

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