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Our 2023 Workshops are Full!  But please let us know if you would like to teach a workshop in 2024, or have an artist to recommend!

Please fill out this application and email it to or write to us on Whatsapp at +52 443 639 2782. We realize not everyone has access to computers, so will discuss the application with you through text. Please be prepared to answer the following questions:

1) What Medium do you work in?



2) What project would you like to make for your class? You may have different projects available, in different sizes and price-points. You may also have beginner projects and advanced projects on offer.



3) Will you bring finished pieces to sell, along with your projects to teach? We can offer you a maximum of two tables that measure 1.8 meters (6 feet).



4) Approximately how long will it take your guests to complete one of your projects? Can they take it home to finish it?



5) Where are you from? Will you need a homestay? (This may limit your application, depending on how many homestays we can obtain).



6) Please send us at least 5 photographs of your work


7) Please answer a few questions for your biography. Do not worry if you cannot answer all questions. We are basing your application on the quality of your work, rather than experience or education.


  • When/When were you born?

  • Who taught you your medium?

  • How old were you when you started to create art?

  • How many years experience do you have as an artist?

  • Have you been to any art schools/major workshops?

  • Any major exhibitions?

  • Any major galleries displaying your works?

  • Any other information that is of interest



8) What year are you applying for?

MAY 2024

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