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A Portrait of Frida

It is an honour to be joined by Briseida Zepeda for our Fiesta for Frida art festival this year.  She will lead an art class for a maximum of 12 students who would like to learn painting techniques, and in the process, paint a portrait of Frida.  

We have two classes on offer with Briseida!  The morning class is for those who would like to paint a canvas using Acrylic paints, and the afternoon class will be pastel on paper.


When:  July 2, 2022 at 10 AM and 2 PM

Where:  The Garden

Class Size:  10 Students per Session

Acrylic Class Cost:  $500 MXN (10 AM Class)

Pastel Class Cost:   $500 MXN (2 PM Class)

Briseida Zepeda

Briseida Zepeda was was born in Mexico City in 1957, and at 7 years of age, went to live in Uruapan, Michoacán. Zepeda returned to Mexico City to study in 1976, whem she enrolled in the Department of Graphic Communication at UNAM, at the San Carlos School of Plastic Arts. In 1980, Zepeda moved to Guanajuato to continue her studies and production. By 1992, she returned to Michoacan and completed the Bachelor of Visual  Arts  in  2010  in the Artists with Career Project that

Briseida Zepeda.jpg

was proposed by the Ministry of Culture of Michoacán with the University of Guadalajara. Zepeda’s noted teachers are Mohamed Sciddel, Luis Nishisawa, Alberto Gironella, Aron Demetz, Sergio Valadez, among many others. Zepeda has participated in more than 60 collective exhibitions and has had 10 personal exhibitions in various Mexican states. She participated in different Graphic painting and Sculpture workshops and has produced work in these three different mediums and disciplines. Zepeda has lived in the city of Patzcuaro since 2017, and is the proprietress of La Casa de la Sirena (The House of the Mermaid) art gallery.

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